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Nature Seris USB Flash Drive-WD04

  The Tower is a stand-out drive that breaks away from the rest while staying true to it's roots - it's wooden roots. Go au natural with our best selling wooden flash drives that combine the earthy look of wood with the high-tech functionality of a working USB storage device. Also, be ready for that extra attention you're gonna be getting..

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Available Capacities for Nature Seris USB Flash Drive-WD04

Standard Colour Options   Our standard capacities are listed below, but we can always go beyond standard. We offer nearly any capacity requested
    Capacities Available in USB 2.0
Dimensions: 60.5mmx28.5mmx10.0mm  
64MB 128MB 256MB 512MB 1GB 2GB 4GB
8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB 128GB    
    Capacities Available in USB 3.0
The maximum print area for all locations is listed below. All of our prints are of the highest quality and last for years, we guarantee it!  
8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB 128GB    
Print Methods Available   Environment
Screen photo laser  
Area Front:40X26mm(1.57X1.02inches)
Area Front:16.5X26mm(0.65X1.02 inches)
Area Back:40X26mm(1.57X1.02inches)
Area Back:16.5X26mm(0.65X1.02 inches)